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Fillippousi Virginia

Virginia Filippousi was born in Istanbul in 1958 and since 1965 she lives and works in Athens.

From 1977 until 1982 she studied engraving and painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts under professors C. Grammatopoulos, D. Mytaras , I. Moralis and B.Kazakos .  She attended the workshop «The art of the book»  taught by Giannis Papadakis. She graduated in 1982.

From 1985 to 2010 she taught visual arts at public high schools.  In 2006 she attended photography seminars under Manos Lykakis and she develops a great interest and passion for the art of Photography, in particular, with experimental means of capturing images on photosensitive surfaces, through the use of handcrafted  (pinhole) constructions.

She participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Her works are included in various private collections.

Solo exhibitions

2013 “Aquarium” Gallery Kaplanon”  Athens.

2013 “Camera Lucida” Kythera Photographic Encounters” curated by John Stathatos.

2012 “Wandering” “Peri texnwn” Patras curated by Xenophon Papaefthimiou.

Recent  Group exhibitions

2014     “”Busts historical figures ” Ena gallery, Athens.

2014     “Art-Athina Contemporaries: Statement Made” curated by Artemis Potamianou.

2014     “DEIGMA GRAFIS”   “ena” Gallery 2014   Athens.
2013     “C.P.KAVAFIS.  Days of  2013”  gallery « Kaplanon5» , Athens.

2013      “Greek summer of Jacques Lacarrière” IANOS Athens, curated by Iris Kritikou..
2013     “I am not the Cancer”  “GAZARTE”  Athens , curated by Iris Kritikou

2013     “Missolonghi and Lord Byron”  Gallery of Christos and Sophia Moschandreou”, gallery “Kaplanon5”.

2013     “TIME IN A CAN” Madrid , curated by ESTUDIO REDONDO.